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    Prices for Mumbai CityBack

    Sr No.TreatmentPrices
    Treatments for Female
    1Breast Massage (60 Min) -- for FemaleRs. 11500
    2Full Body Tantra (90 Min) -- for FemaleRs. 17000
    3G-Spot Massage (60 Min) -- for FemaleRs. 10500
    4Good Time Tantra (8 Hours) -- for FemaleRs. 80000
    5Great Time Tantra (3 Days) -- for FemaleRs. 160000
    6Intro Tantra (60 Min) -- for FemaleRs. 14000
    7Nuru Masssage (60 Min) -- for FemaleRs. 21000
    8Nuru Masssage (90 Min) -- for FemaleRs. 28000
    9Tantra Ritual (4 Hours) -- for FemaleRs. 50000
    10Yoni Massage (60 Min) -- for FemaleRs. 10500
    Treatments for Male
    1Full Body Tantra (120 Min) -- for MaleRs. 28000
    2Full Body Tantra (90 Min) -- for MaleRs. 23000
    3Good Time Tantra (8 Hours) -- for MaleRs. 120000
    4Great Time Tantra (3 Days) -- for MaleRs. 300000
    5Nuru Masssage (60 Min) -- for MaleRs. 25000
    6Nuru Masssage (90 Min) -- for MaleRs. 33000
    7Tantra Ritual (4 Hours) -- for MaleRs. 80000


    Tantra Treatments were never been easy to get in India. There are many service providers offering fake services on the name of tantra. We should beware of them. we should check the authenticity of the Tantra before we go for it. Usually Original Tantra Treatment is always expensive and its practitioners are very rare. We are always digging for the certified naturapath and then we give them tantra training ourselves. and thus we provide the real skills of tantra for you so that you can get the real experience and the actual tantric touch therapy to realise the true sense of tantra treatment.

    Now just Book your session and experience the real charm of your life. a very new journey towards your inner soul and recharging yourself with positivity and bliss.

    AADI TANTRA STUDIO Rs. 10000-Rs.500000 https://aadistudio.com/assets/images/AADITANTRASTUDIO.png
    DLF CIty Phase 4 Gurgaon, Haryana 122009 IN
    Phone: +91 9911335509 Website: https://aadistudio.com