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What does Reiki mean?

Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words, "Rei" and "Ki" (Pronounced “Ray” and “Key”). Rei means Universal and Ki means Energy. Therefore, Reiki means Universal Energy, the vital force that permeates the whole universe

Reiki in other languages
  • Chi - In China
  • Prana ? in India
  • Ka - in Egypt
  • Ki ? in Japan
  • Pneuma in Greek
  • The Holy Ghost ? in Bible
  • And so on..
About Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese name of healing art which originally invented in ancient India. In ancient India, it was named "Marjana".Later, reintroduced by Lord Buddha and taught to Buddhist monks in 3rd Century CE, and it was practiced by Buddhist monks but the technique was kept secret from public for almost 1900 years. Later, in early 1920s, Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan, during his studies, visited Tibet and collected the knowledge about this technique from ancient Buddhist scriptures and did a 21-day practice on Mount Kurama called discipline of prayer and fasting and attained access to this system of healing. It is pronounced (Reiki) ray-key and known as alternative therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental diseases.

The Japanese word Reiki means cosmic life energy, the vital energy which flows through all living beings. Eastern medicine systems work with this energy, which is believed to flow through all living things and is vital to well-being. This energy is known as 'Ki' in Japan, 'Chi' in China and ‘Prana' in India.


A Reiki practitioner aims to Cleanse, Charge and Balance the ‘Energy Fields’ in and around your body to help on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level. Practitioners use a technique similar to the laying on of hands, to channel the energy ("Prana") guided by a universal spirit or spiritual nature ("Rei") - flowing through Palms to heal a person wherever they may need healing

A standard session works on the seven key energy centers in the body also known as the chakras and 15 more points where the energy concentrates

  1. Deep mental and physical relaxation
  2. Relieves pain and discomfort
  3. Improves sleep quality, deep sleep
  4. Reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue
  5. Strengthens natural self-healing process
  6. Helps relieve depression
  7. Clears toxins from the body
  8. Boosts mood
  9. Balances energies
  10. Encourage emotional release
  11. Helps unlock suppressed feelings
  12. Enhances energy level
  13. Promotes positive outlook
Preparation for the session

Session is given in private with maximum 1 person from family or friends present as the recipient may go in deep sleep during the session. Incense or aromatic dispensers are used to create a relaxing and positive atmosphere. Light instrumental/healing music may or may not be played depending on the client’s preference. Client must wear light colored loose clothing, no metal, leather, jewelry or artificial accessories should be there on the body during the session, as they obstruct the flow of energy

A full healing session would cover Reiki on all 7 chakras, and 15 other points   in the body, which takes about 60 minutes of time. Drinking water is suggestible before and after the session

What will happen during the session
  • Cleansing, charging and balancing of the 3 Auric fields
  • Cleansing, charging and balancing of all 7 chakras
  • Cleansing, charging and balancing of 14 key energy junctions in the body
  • Locking of healing energy in all chakras, joints and aura

Note: Since cell phones are strictly forbidden, please turn them in at the front desk. If the session isn't taking place at our center, turn off your phone and store it in a box or cabinet. The practitioner will end the session if your phone rings.

  • This session is completely based on tantra principals
  • All the sessions from us are performed for the treatment purposes only.
  • We all have certified professionals..
  • No vulger touchings allowed.
  • No illegal activities are allowed.
  • We never share Therapist pictures.
  • One day prior reservation is required.
Duration 60 Min
Therapist Male
Breathing Exercise Included
Chakra Practice Not-Included
Treatment for Unisex
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