Tantra Workshop in Gurugram, India by AADi's Tantra Studio

Mon Nov 6 11:00 AM - Sat Nov 11 16:00 PM
Rs.65,000/- to Rs.2,00,000/-
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If this workshop could bring you fundamental changes that will positively enhance the way you relate to love, sex, intimacy and connection for the rest of your life, would you want that experience?

Would you take six days out of your life to explore how you can:

  • Go beyond inhibitions & insecurities, blockages, and connect with of self-love?
  • Deepen the intimacy & pleasure of your connections?
  • Redirect energy and desire for high focus, drive, and spirituality?
  • Explore and expand the depth, connection, and pleasure you can give and receive?
  • Receive the ancient secrets of Tantric lovemaking, learning how to make sex sacred?
  • Learn all of this and much more in a sacred & safe space?

About The Workshop

In this unique six day immersion, you will gain an understanding of the principles and practices of spiritual Tantra. You'll understand how sexual energy can be redirected for deeper love, focus, determination, and how love making can transform into a liberating spiritual experience!

This workshop is aimed to give you the key tools to begin to practice tantric sexuality, learn about what is limiting you from having a fulfilling and intimate life and to overcome inhibitions that limit your sexual power.

This workshop will go deeper into:

  • The pillars of the Tantric mentality
  • Differences between male and female sexuality & pleasure
  • How a man can experience multiple orgasms, including energetic and full-body orgasms
  • Seven types of female orgasm, including energetic and full-body orgasms
  • Practical tools how to control sexual energy and transcend sexual desire
  • Understanding sexual-related blockages and how to resolve them
  • How to develop a perception to more subtle sensations
  • The art and path of Transfiguration.
  • And much more!!

Our approach is to teach from the traditional tantric perspective while centering it around the Yoga of the Heart. Tantra can be misunderstood in the west and seen as a sexual experimentation or excessive openness around sexuality. Tantra does include sexual exploration and it will help you to free yourself from feelings of shame and guilt around sexuality, yet this is not what Tantra is about.

Tantra belongs to the Yoga tradition and is an all-embracing life philosophy that helps us to integrate the physical, external everyday life with the subtle, internal longing for the Truth, meaning and connection. It allows us to better understand how sex and relationships can become integrated parts in our growth and evolution as human beings. Resulting in a more rich and fulfilling life experience.

The workshop will, therefore, help you to cultivate more love, intimacy and worship for yourself, others and the universe as a whole.


  • There is no nudity or explicit sexuality in this workshop.
  • The workshop is open to both singles and couples.
  • No previous experience in Tantra is necessary.
  • This program is open to ALL sexual preferences and gender identities. We welcome everyone with an open heart.

Total 20 seats AVAILABLE.

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For Indian Participents

Early Bird (until Oct 25th ) Rs.65,000 Individual, Rs.1,10,000 couple (or bring a friend)
Regular Bird: Rs. 1,00,000 individual, or Rs. 1,80,000 couple (or bring a friend).
Door (space permitting): Rs. 1,10,000 (at the door, space permitting), or Rs. 2,00,000 couple (or bring a friend)

Payment Mode Available:
  1. Debit-Credit Cards issued in India
  2. Net Banking
  3. Online Bank Transfer
  4. Cash Deposit in Our Corporate Account
  5. Paypal to info@aadicare.in
  6. Paypal Link

For Non-Indian Participents

Early Bird (until Oct 25th ) $1100 Individual, $1900 couple (or bring a friend)
Regular Bird: $1800 individual, or $3200 couple (or bring a friend).
Door (space permitting): $2000 (at the door, space permitting), or $3800 couple (or bring a friend)

Payment Mode Available:
  1. Paypal to info@aadicare.in
  2. by clicking here

 Note: Tickets are sold on first come first reserve basis. Only 20 seats available.
Accommodation and Food

Participents to the Workshop coming from other stations acan request to accomodation in nearby boutique hotels.

We have some availability nearby as per:
=> 3 Star Hotel 
4000/- per day + Food

=> 4 Star Hotel
6500/- per day + Food

=> 5 Star 
10000/- per day + Food

About The Facilitator

Vijai Kumar, Emily Sharma, Rima Jaiswal and Ratika Sahu are Tantric Yoga practitioners and Tantra and Hridaya Yoga and Meditation Teachers who teaches and holds workshops internationally. They integrates Sacred Sexuality into the teachings of the Spiritual Heart. They share their passion and enthusiasm for this ancient practice while holding a safe space for you to open up, explore and dive deeper into the intimacy of the Heart. Teachers has been through intensive and comprehensive Tantra instructor training. Their journey on the Tantric path has brought tremendous transformations on different levels of their being, physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally while fully embracing the tantric lifestyle. The knowledge of our teachers is firmly based in the traditional tantric teachings of India, mixed with modern teachings of sexology.

Map & Directions
Map & Directions
AAdi's Tantra Studio
Galleria Market, DLF City Phase 4, Gurugram, Haryana
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