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All your Questions answered in one place

Q. Why do you say "Authentic" Tantra?

People are confused about the Tantra and its practice comparing ambiguously defined by the different porn-sites who want to make money and thugs who never went to the real understandings of Tantra and realised the charm of devotees towards tantra. They took it as a money making profile and started to play as practitioners of Tantra.

And since Tantra involves bareness, so they could not prevent himself/herself to indulge into the physical pleasures, and then they found it is very easy to enjoy the flesh-pleasure on the name of Tantra. So, They started to mingle their flesh-touch-greed into Tantra-like-acts and prepared a different recipe, but they still call it Tantra. The recipe, which is useless, sticky towards your negativeness, object-less and is harmful in a great amount.

We, at AAdi´s Tantra Studio promisingly assure the original and authentic Tantra treatments. Since all of our programs are based on Ancient Indian Tantric principles, prescribed by the holy Yoga book named Patanjali-Yog-Pradeepah, to reclean your mind and accelerate your experience of increasing vitality and well-being.

All of theTreatments at The AAdi´s Tantra Studio are appreciated by top psychology experts around the globe, and Recognised by prestigious Awards like- TIMES HEALTH EXCELLENCE SERVICE BY TIMES GROUP (2019), INDIA'S GREATEST BRANDS AND LEADERS AWARD BY ASIA ONE (2018), many more.

Q. How do the treatment happens if I opt to take at home?

Therapist carries her/his Treatment Kit with her/him which includes all the spa stuff like Oils, Gels, Lantern, Candles, Towels, Music etc. They do not carry Massage table. They prepare the environment there at your place before the therapy.

Q. But how to trust on a Therapist? Are they safe?

We provide professional tantra practitioners adopting all the scale of hygene and cleanliness. What they learnt is first control their mind, then make the client in control. They are not such a cheap spa therapist as there are in the city. They are well trained, and that´s why They are little expensive. We say it proudly that we have the best and most asked Tantra Specialist from India.

Q. I am embarrassed about a certain part of my body what should I do?

Our therapists understand that some clients may have different bodily issues. Some of the most commonly re-occurring concerns are scars, being overweight, excess skin, lots of body hair, skin conditions such as eczema and so on. Your AAdi´s Studio practitioner is a professional who has dealt with all types of people and will not be phased by things of this nature. However, if you are very concerned about something and are perhaps too embarrassed to speak directly with the practitiner, you should mention it in our real time whatsapp(+91-9911335509) inbox or in your booking form.

Q. Do I need to be completely undrapped?

Since it is Sensual touch therapy, hence for a Tantra Session, it is normal and recomended completely undrapped. However, You should only undress to the level you are comfortable, that is fine. The practitioner will work around the undressed part only as best as he/she can. May be removing all your clothes make you too nervous and unable to relax, probably you be prevented getting the complete benefit from the session. Take our practitioners as your doctor to feel comfortable in undrapping.

Q. Can someone else be in the room during the session/treatment?

If s/he is your partner then yes s/he can stay in room until s/he do not disturb and under no circumstance is someone else allowed to be in the room. Realised by your practitioner, another person enters the room and does not leave or if there is someone hiding in the room in which the session is taking place, the practitioner has right to stop the session and leave without completing the treatment.

Q. Can I fall asleep? What happens if I fall asleep?

Firstly, yes you are absolutely allowed to fall asleep and your practitioner will not mind because it is a sign that s/he has successfully made you feel totally relaxed. If you do fall asleep, your practitioner will continue the treatment or wait(if you recommend to) as normal for the remainder of your session time.

Q. Who Will be my Practitioner?

Aadi´s Tantra Studio employs World´s Best Tantra Practitioners who are experts at helping our guests gain an incredible tantra experience. We do not allow guests to choose their Practitioners. Depending upon availability at the time of booking, you will be allocated a expert Practitioner.

Q. When should I arrive?

We strictly recommend arriving at studio least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled session. Our practitioners are always on-time at your address in case of outcall. You can also use shower facility before the session. If you are going to be delayed, please inform our team at least 4 horse prior.

Q. Are there any restrictions on the types of food or drinks I can consume around my Tantra session?

Alcohol and Heavy meals consumption are strictly prohibited immediately before or after a Tantra session as they may present some wierd side effects like anxity, nausea, sleepness etc.,but some fresh juice, Lime water or herbal tea should be taken after a Tantra session (provided at studio) to help release toxins out of the body.

Q. What is Tantra / Tantric ?

Tantra is an ancient art of healing which is practiced for log time in India for mental wellness treatments. Tantra is a form of the touch therapy which lies on the principal of Geo-physical science of magnetism. It is proved that our all emotions are controlled by hormones. In tantra treatments therapist gives you the sensual touches on different points of your body and arouses the blood pressure to a targeted level and push over to the hormonal release points to regulate it. Tantra works through sensual points of the body to take you to deep meditation and usually done by an opposite (recomended) or same gender practitioner. Tantra heals your mental state and releases stress, depression, negative thoughts, negative energy, bodily blockages, irregularities by using acts and techniques like touch, massage, breath and energy flow.

Q. Do you have any center /studio for your treatments?

We have our Studio in Gurgaon, Mumbai. Due to heavy and useless crowd of clients with unaffordability and lots of questions and queries, we avoid welcoming them at our studio. Our Studio is a center for spiritual calmness and stress relief. Though you can visit our studio after reserving your time slot and making the booking reservation fee online through .

Q. What are some benefits of your Tantra Treatments?

Tantra is about expansion, and connection with the universe, a way of achieving unity, and ultimately about our perception of reality. Tantric treatments aim to use various techniques, deep breathing, relaxation, connecting exercises to help drop you into 'reality' to truly see, feel and experience the sensation in the body, senses and energy. There are many benefits of tantra some major are following-
> Reduced stress
> Increased happiness
> Increased creativity
> Increased intelligence
> Improved health
> Improved memory
> Improved relationships
> Reduced high blood pressure
> Reduced insomnia
> Increased energy
> Reversal of biological aging

Q. How should I schedule an appointment?

We only take online booking through our dedicated Mobile app and Website ( Our existing guests can also book by calling our customer support number And advance booking is recommended to ensure availability of perfect therapist on your preferred time.

Q. It is my first time booking a Tantra session, which session should i book for?

Tantra has never been a single session but a course of 7 levels .for the first timers we suggest to start with level 1( Full body tantra 90 minutes) and then gradually move to level 2 and so on.

Q. The pressure is not strong enough for my liking?

You are aware that these are tantra treatments which have no pressure but feathery touches. Tantra works on your mental relaxation not the physical relaxation, hence no pressure is given at all.

Q. Do I have to tip the practitioner?

No. The price you pay covers the full cost of the session and everything else such as travel. It is strongly forbidden to tip as it discourage their moral towards honest and dedicated practice.

Q. When should I not get a Tantra Treatment(s)?

There are few conditions which would prevent you from enjoying a Tantra Session. You should not book a Tantra Session if you have a cold/flu, fever or contagious skin infection. Prenatal and 6 months of post-natal must be avoided. That´s it.

There are many other conditions in which the practitioner may need to adapt his/her techniques (i.e. for osteoporosis or arthritis) or avoid an area completely (i.e. burn and cut). In some conditions it is best to get an approval from your physician before you receive a Tantra Session (cancer, certain heart conditions, pregnancy). This doesn´t mean you can´t get a Tantra . But it´s always better to take precautions.

Q. How do I pay for my session?

As we take online booking, you need to make 25% advance payment at the time of booking and balance amount can be paid right before the session at the studio or at your address(in case of outcall) by cash, card, bank trasfer. You can also pay by e-wallets such as- GooglePay, PhonePay, PayTM, Airtel Money, and Jio Money etc . we also accept M-Swipe Emi Card and Lazy Pay.

Q. What if I arrive late to my appointment?

Arriving late will simply limit the time for your session, thus lessening the effectiveness and your results. You will still be charged the full amount for the appointment, for more details please read our Cancellation policy at our website.

Q. Practitioner's rights and duties-

Aadi´s Studio employs and trains professionals to provide incredible tantra sessions to guests. We expect the guests to respect the Practitioners' profession and modesty. Aadi's Studio takes serious action against guests who might make inappropriate remarks, abusive harass, attempt to molest or attempt to offer money against unsolicited favors to the Practitioners. In case of such an untoward incident, Aadi's Studio would immediately terminate the service, charge the full payment and report the matter to the relevant legal authorities.