Frequently Asked Questions

Actually what do you serve/provide?

We are genuine Tantric Service Provider so in tantric therapies, it can be expected all activities which makes you to feel body to body massage sensual touch treatments etc. But.. We do not provide sex, oral in any of our therapies. Our services are legal and only to provide the complete relief from mental stress through the Tantric(sensual) healing.

What is Tantra / Tantric ?

Please read the, Tantra section by clicking here.

What are the services for males and what are the services for females.

Males can have Lingam Massage, Full Body to Body Tantric Massage, And Nuru Energy Massage, Good Time Tantra, Great Time Tantra on under some security terms. for Charges please visit the respective Therapy Page.
Males from other cities/regions, can have the session on additional charges. For Females, at present we are serving Brest Massage, Yoni Masasge, G-Spot Massage, Full body Tantra, Nuru Massage, Ritual and so on.

I want a therapy but need a place. I can't take session at my home due to family issue.

We have an Studio in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore. Due to heavy and useless crowd of Male clients we are not revealing the complete address of our workshop. Please read, Membership plans.

Why you serve at home specially.

Actually, after the each of therapy, your body must have at least 1-2 hours full rest. But if you go at any spa, you do not have much time or comfort for that specific rest. which puts you again in same depression and tiredness within next 3-4 hours. That's why we do it at your door step... at your home or at your convenient place. so that after the therapy you have a good time to store the permanent relaxation in your body.

How do the massage happens at home then?

Therapist carries her/his Treatment Kit with her/him which includes all the spa stuff like Oils, Gels, Lantern, Candles, Towels, Music etc. They do not carry Massage table. They prepare the environment there at your place before the therapy.

Does Tantra is done by same gender therapist?

Actually, Since it is a Tantric practice we need the exact stimulation to achieve the targeted relaxation, it is tantric rule that the therapy must be done by cross gender only. But, it can be opted in same gender to start with.

But how to trust on a male Therapist?

We provide professional tantra practitioners. What they learnt is first control their mind, then make the client in control. They are not such a cheap spa therapist as there are in the city. They are well trained, and that's why They are little expensive. We say it proudly that we have the best and most asked Tantra Specialist from India.

Is this a discreet service? I don't want my neighbours/hotel concierge to know.

Absolutely. The key part of our service is our discreetness. Our masseuses will always dress appropriately, typically in a discreet civilian dress and a bag for their equipment(s). NO bright colours, NO leopard print stilettos. Most of our clients stay in world class 5 Star hotels, so our therapists are well versed in how to discreetly come straight to your room without being seen by concierge. If you are in a serviced apartment, then our masseuse will present themselves as your friend or work colleague to concierge.

What is the time period i can book for. I am not comfortable in day hours.

Yes, You can book anytime you prefer from 7AM to 11PM. from 8PM onwards we charge a nominal fee of Rs. 2000/- additionally.

I am embarrassed about a certain part of my body what should I do?

Our therapists understand that some clients may have different bodily issues. Some of the most commonly re-occurring concerns are scars, being overweight, excess skin, lots of body hair, skin conditions such as eczema and so on. Your AAdi´s Studio masseuse is a professional who has dealt with all types of people and will not be phased by things of this nature. However, if you are very concerned about something and are perhaps too embarrassed to speak directly with the masseuse, you should mention it in our real time chat box or in your booking form.

Is this service legal?

Yes. AAdi's Tantra Studio is a licensed professional Tantra Studio, we do NOT provide escort type services and neither do we accept clients soliciting sexual services from our masseuses.

Do I need to be completely naked?

It is normal and recommended to be nude during a tantric massage. However, if you prefer to not be naked for any reason this can also be accommodated. Please make our dedicated therapist aware of any special requests at the time of your booking.

The pressure is too strong / not strong enough for my liking, how do I raise it without insulting the masseuse?

If any aspect of the massage is not to your liking than you must always tell your masseuse. Far from being offended, s/he will be more than happy to adapt her/his technique to make sure you get the full enjoyment of your massage.

Can someone else be in the room during the massage?

if s/he is your partner then yes s/he can stay in room until s/he do not disturb and Under no circumstance is someone else allowed to be in the room. Your masseuse has the right to leave without completing the massage therapy if another person enters the room and does not leave or if there is someone hiding in the room in which the massage takes place. If you are looking to enjoy a massage as a couple then please mention it during filling your booking form.

Do I have to tip the masseuse?

No. The price you pay covers the full cost of the massage and everything else such as travel. It is not necessary to tip your masseuse, but of course you are welcome to tip her/him if you feel inclined to do so.

Can I fall asleep? What happens if I fall asleep?

Firstly, yes you are absolutely allowed to fall asleep and your therapist will not mind because it is a sign that s/he has successfully made you feel totally relaxed. If you do fall asleep, your therapist will continue the massage as normal for the remainder of your massage time but perhaps modifying it slightly so as to not disturb your restful state.

Will the massage therapist watch me undress?

Not necessarily. When your masseuse arrives, s/he will be pre-occupied with setting up the room, preparing her/his equipment and getting herself/himself freshened up before s/he commences the massage. It is very unlikely that s/he will have time to watch you undress.

Is the masseuse fully qualified?

Our masseuses receive training provided by professional therapists with years of industry experience. However, if you are looking for an NTMI qualified therapist please let us know at the time of your booking and you will be assigned a therapist with relevant qualifications.

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