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Employees, while they are already anxious, stressed, hard chalanges and facing burnout, they must be provided immediate help to preserve and improve their ability and performance skills. Understanding the situation, we have prepeared Corporates Mental care programe which are designed to turn your employees more fruiteful and result giving and this makes your company more healthy organization by your employees reaching on a different levels of mental wellness intervention needed by them.


For better results and better environment, our employees should be happy, dedicated, well-performer and progressive. And for all that they must be fit physically but also mentally. There are many factors which makes sick every person on earth during their routine life. That sickness never can be healed by any medicine or surgery. Those are called routine stress and depression which sometimes can lead a person upto suicidal tendencies. They are our employees and so we, being an employer, also become an indirect gaurdian to them. and to make them fruitful we have to, not intrude, but make available the required care for them.

Each organisation's worst problem

Any medium and Large corporate has the worst challenge in thir business success that is not only to keep balanced their employee's performance but it should be progressive also. But what they find the way is if sales is happened to 500 crore this year then it should be 700 or 1000 crore next year in the name of "Growth"; while they forget to realise that this year sales achivement was already a great task for them. And so the employees, who were provided almost every facility and benefits from the company, start seeing their seniors never satishfiable person. and then he starts finding ways to jump over better salary offer, which, he knows, can not give better future. And he just jumps away with only reason to get a space from heavy challenges, and a hope we will get better seniors.

What was missing in above para which companies forget to add in "Growth"?

"Growth" never meant to company sales or its revenue. Companies often escape from liability by increasing their salaries and benefits but nothing else. While it also should encourage their employees to be recharged, rejavunated, resurged so that they start feeling challenges as fun only.

What actually happens?

Not only this pandemic situation, but even in normal era, the work load rises the uncertenity which generates deep stress and axiety which sieve their mental health as hell. Corporates should take special care, infact primary care for their mental care which can improve their emotional resilience skills which will start growing their work performamce as well as work environment satishfaction.

What can be done?

Being a corporate and a good employer, a company should keep arranging programs such as .... Self-awareness, Quick Meditation, Emotional Regulation,

Benefits of Programs

  • Recovery from any/some trauma,
  • Improvement of self confidence
  • Clean and rejuvenate the vital energy channels
  • Make them feel more balanced
  • Fill the brain with positive and healing vibes
  • Develop problem-solving ability
  • Meditate with more concentration
  • Handle post lockdown depression
  • and many more....

How can we help?

We provide a costomised Mental Wellness Programs based on principles of Tantra to change your employees more able, aware, balanced, regulated, confident, filled with positivity and capable to handle the more complex stress and depression.
Tantra, a Touch Therapy, lies on the principle of Geo-physical science of magnetism.

Our programs are costomizable from per number of employees to available place for practice in your organisation or at our studio in your city.

Our Mission

Our Mission is always to make achieve Tantra it's original recognition as a healing art, through which all many people can realise it's worth and use. Tantra needs to be trended as a different medical dimension like allopathy, homyopathy, aayurveda etc so that the Conceptual victims of negative energy could get healed. Spreading awareness about its use and technics and describe how it is different from sexual thoughts.

Our Vision

We see the future of Tantra as a reputed medical dimension which heals the patient without no machines and no medicines but only Touch Therapy and Meditation. Tantra has different courses which can make a person immune to all type of mental damages and illness may happen in future. It will be a good medium to stay stress-free and depression-free in future, which will help in development and stay happy. It will not remain any taboo and every person will see it in a respectable way.

our mission


Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth

What Clients Say?

Really it's amazing......great Therapy. After my first session I reached a point where the relaxation filled my whole body. I was far away... In a place of no pain!
And the second session was the deepest I have ever experienced. After this 'Yoni Healing Massage' treatment, I have been pain free ever since.

Ratika Lamba Professor

Session was good with therapist Ratika.

Manish Service

Great and very relaxing.


It was a great session. Needs more intimacy.

Raman Ahuja Business

It´s incredible experience . I suggest every one should take advantage of tantric therapy .

Tej business


Krit Consultant


SameedSalim Business

Very Good Experienced Staff and handled session very professionally and session was very pleasing and Great

Praveen Engineer

It is good.

Sunil panda Business

It is always a very professional therapy from Aadi Studio. The therapists are very punctual, clean and the therapy leaves you with an amazing sense of calm and freshness

Kumar Consultant

Emily is as close to perfection as one can get.

Naresh Service

An outstanding experience..first of its therapist Veena was just fabulous

Vipul Tourism

I was in great stress as my marital life was almost gone ruined,when i came across to First I didn't believe what Yoni Massage can relieve me from Stress. But When I gone through. I realised that there are many technics of simple touches which give us immense relax from depression and stress.

Ramona Fernandis Home-Maker

So sensuos as i felt my body was singing. a lots of love to Aadi SPA


Very good experience

Ramesh A System

It's fine, I felt awesome experience. I felt very excited during the session.



Mudit Business

Emily is outstanding in her work! The therapy can not get any better than this..

Rahul Trader

cvdxvdfv ffssfsf

Vijai kumar dwivedi

Ratika is very best and very professional.

Barry IT

I was a bit unsure when i heard about this place and I was a bit reluctant to try. But trust me it did meet my expectation and much more. It is completely legitimate and the money spent is worth it. A must Try.

Rohan Lawyer

Amazing Experience. They take care of their clients and their needs.

Raj Business

Ratika is the best therapist i have seen

Sanjay Manager

It was Great


Amazing Hands ... Ratika was perfect with her job . Blindly u can trust aadispa they r totally different from other spa in India .

Rahul sharma Business man

Emily is a perfectionist.
True art in practice here.


Very Hygienic and Very Good Session as well as the Therapist is very much experienced and had very good relaxed session

Praveen Civil Engineer

I usually take massage at least once a week or two. But AAdi.... he is wonderful. his touch technics helps a lot from stress and anxiety. I think, In India, He is incredible.

Sudha Chandran Senior Manager, Private Bank

This kind of therapy gives both physical n mental relaxation.As first experience i am satisfied.looking forward to avail in coming days.

Rafiqul Service

I feel the sessions, especially the expanded tantra is quite expensive. It will be great if something can be done to reduce the price.

Yaser Khan Business

Good and Highly professional. The therapist is well trained and very effective.It costs a lot but still worth it.

Ishwar Jyoti Professor

Fantastic session. Emily is too good.Back Massage..too good.

Amit Kumar Business

Excellent session i ever received..

Mukesh Post Graduate

As alway massage was excellent....................therapist Ruhi had a very positive attitude which left you with a great positive energetic vibe at the end of session. i thank her for that.


Unbelievable tantric massage therapy session. At first I was unsure of trying this as I was in a town that only offered outcall services to your hotel. However being put in contact with administration as well as the therapist himself made be trust the process and the business. Very experienced therapist who could share with me insight into the philosophy behind his practice. Proffesional and fully satisfying, I would recommend it to any female curious about understanding and experiencing their body as it is.

Jackie School Teacher

Nice experience of tantra with Nargis.

Mukesh Mishra

It was a fabulous experience. Beyond words.

Subrata Basu Telecom Engineer

my experience was awesome..ur therapist and therapy are also too good...and my suggestion is that open ur studio in delhi soon..

Zaif Busineess

I have never felt anything like this, never, never ever, this is so different, I have been so sexually frustrated, you have shown me a way I never knew existed

Shobha Sarkar

Every time I think that my present session was the best that I have ever had, but then Manuja out-performs herself in each and every next-session that I come in for. She sets new standards for herself in every current session and breaks them in the next one. Manuja is exceptional. Beyond what words can express.....

Naresh Kumar Sharma

Need to change the hotel lemon tree is not maintained proper heigene in the room

Kiran Reddy Business

Had a really nice experience. it was wonderful.

S. Kumar Business

A very relaxing therapy session in which the therapist took the time to make me fully relaxed and comfortable. Highly recommend the therapy and therapist to anyone who wants to benefit from tantra therapy in a safe environment

Kumar K IT Consultant

Awesome experience . Must go for it.

Rajesh Employed

Nargis is really an amazing girl she knows her job and is very professional.

Vivek kaushik Service

The treatment was really good and soothing. It relaxed and re-energised me. The therapist Ruhi was well trained, gentle and polite. The venue is really peaceful and there was a great silence. I look forward to come back here. I found the fee on a much higher side though.

SD Businessman

It was a really relaxing session. Recommended for all.


The massage was wounderful with its touch and patterns on the body at sensual places making me feel relaxed, happy and enjoy at the same time. I would come back for more

Fake4sake Marketing

my experience was awesome..the therapist n therapy are also too good...u deserve to be no 1


Session was amazing. One could say, sex is over rated and Tantric Massage is better than sex!


It was indeed useful and enjoyable

Sunil panda Business

The therapy was a special experience done by a very eperienced therapist. She was also very nice company and very correct.

Henry Lector

Therapist is very good session is best of last session is very good next time same therapist session



Mukesh Mishra Business

It was a great refreshing session with Emily.

Vinit Ahuja

The therapist was good and she is awesome with her hands. I almost fell asleep while the seesion. I think I will go and get the services again.

True Friend S/W engineer

Set yourself free from all stress, let the therapist do all that you may wonder. Absolutely neat therapist. enjoy your session.



raghav business

I´ve had such an amazing experience with my therapist providing me a Full Body Tantra. I´m so glad I received this while I was in Goa. I can highly recommend doing it. It´s so gentle and relaxing, and wonderful sensations for the whole time. Thank you so much. I´m so glad I treated myself with this.

Marcie Office

Nargis gave me an amazing Tantra Massage. She was very much cordial and knew which points to target. I will be definitely getting a nuru massage now. Thumbs up for Nargis.


Really Good Experience! Really Meditativee almost. I highly recommend.

Max Musician



It was amazing experience. I was really refreshed. Her moves are really great and had wonderful moments. Thanks very much for her session and i loved it.

Prakash Software engineer

it was excellent experience and feel to have it whenever get over stressed

jerry job

It was a totally unique and exotic experience. The rubs, the strokes, the caressing techniques take you to a different level of sensation. Its a surreal sensual journey from beginning to end. On top of that, the friendly and caring attitude of the therapist makes it absolutely worthwhile.

Amar Business

Attended for third time.very much relaxation achieved.Therapist is excellent.wish to attend the same very soon.

RM Business


Nitin Rastogi

it was really good, it was my first time

giri Manager

Aadi Care is a honest true organisation. But should give discount also.....🌻

Rahul Executive

Must Try Tantra and Nuru

Anonymous Can’t share

Excellent, Best Experience. Very Sweet


It was a good session, and the therapist were well trained.

happy client working professional



Excellent service provided by aasistudio. It’s not only the therapy but it’s completely unique process to relax your entire body and mind.

Saloni Bussiness

Tantra therapy rejuvinates the body mind and soul

SRM Service

Shared feedback above


Took the service from Emily and was very much satisfied with it. very relaxing and enjoyed all of it.

Rajat Business

The therapist was completely involved in the session and had perfect touches and strokes throughout the entire session

Anil Business

Once i allowed the energy to flow and stop being fearful to it, it was illuminating

Abagail Thomas

Amishy was very good and cooperative.She knows the art to handle the guest.Enjoyed a lot.Thanks to aadi for their effort.Looking forward to have more session.Thanks to the entire team

RM Service

open up a studio in Hyderabad.

pratap business

Amazing!!! Had a great experience.

Ajay Business


SravanWudayagiri Business

very fine, ur therapist is take care all very kind

mani business

Great experience! After the massage feeling relaxed! Expecting for next session.

Guru Marketing

Good and different session

Mike Business

She was ultimate. You just cant imagine a session like this. I´m willing to avail again

Barry HR

Amazing Experience...

Nishant IT

Ratika was simply superb. No words to describe.

Raghav Engineer

Sanna has relaxed my body and mind. Thanks

Mukesh Mishra Business


SameedSalim Business

Awesome session from Ratika. Very adaptable and looking forward to more such sessions

Siddharth services

Nuru session is excellent

Mohan Business

not so good experience.because of girl

Bheru mal jain business

Session was really good, it was my 1st time. i come back for sure. Emily is really great therapist.

Aditya Business

Ruhi has truly amazing skills. She will work up your energies and merge it with her own effortlessly. You just have to surrender.

Rohit Business

This session was only ok compared to my previous session which was excellent

Raghavan Engineer


Vijai kumar dwivedi

Good service

SG Business

The pain in the body gone everywhere he touched me I could feel the energy flow, I can honestly say I love myself, most relaxed I every felt in my life, Ive been through hell and back in my life; right now now I am so happy.


Cost to b reduced. Setting up own studio may help

Mohan janarthannan k Business

Best Tantra

Suvir Gupta Doctor

Treatment was good and relaxing

Happy client

Good choice of services. Very professional! Therapists are very nice.

Sameer Business

Had an awesome session with Aadi. His technique is the best in the business. Simply love AADI spa. I highly recommend them.

Kriti Freelancer

Very much relaxing

Praveen Manager

Great Experience from Aadi studio!

Guru Marketing


Gurushankar Business

Ritual is amazing...I found myself anticipating more. and I found myself crying silently for more. How rich an experience it was to realize all that I needed was to relax and enjoy the ecstasy of this exquisite touch.

Rashmi Chaudhary Service Woman

It was stunning to know that after 33 years on this planet so much could be revealed to me about the inner workings of my physical being.

Shirly Vohra

worth experiencing a must try

Akash Self Employed

A very nice experience


The session was good. Therapist Emily came on time and delivered smoothest service. She was very meticulous and knew her task.

Dhruv Consultant

Full body massage releases stress and pain. I almost slept in between. Massager knew how to make us relaxed and relieve from body pain and stress.

Manish Manager in an US Healthcare

Great Relief; Excellent


Therapy was great.
just change the space. it feels like you are in an office.


Fantastic experience..

Monica Business


Nikhil Banker

The best ever session I got, Thanks to AADI Studio

yashagrawal Business

In Media