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Concept of Tantra

Concept of Tantra

Tantra aims to use of various techniques, deep breathing, relaxation, connecting exercise to help drop you into 'reality' to truly see, feel and experience the sensation in the body, senses and energy. There are seven principles within Tantra These principles are Surrender, Awareness, Movement, Breath, Sound, Intention and Acceptence.

In Tantra, the treatment is done not only at your physical but emotional, mental and spiritual level. During the Ritual, the mature tantric practitioner passes spiritual or psychic energy, usually from the universe, into you, to awaken the tantric warrior within you. It will make you feel as if you are in a tantric trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important. Your whole body will be celebrated and NOTHING will escape attention. The purpose is to gradually "edge" you to your optimum ejaculation fusion point, again, again and again, building sensual energy to allow a really magical orgasm. That creates a balance, putting everything into perspective.

In Tantra, The Practitioner worships the client as embodiments of deities and follow an attitude of reverence into the whole Treatment and to all his interactions. The tantric approach has far more to do with your mental approach than sex. When you go tantra, u feel a heavenly delightness, full of great pleasure. You live each moment of joyfulness. You find the deepest jubilation with a great triumph with exultation and rejoicing. Your each cell will filled with a divine thrill that you ever achived in your whole life.

Tantra is about expansion, and connection with the universe, a way of achieving unity, and ultimately about our perception of reality. Tantric treatments aims to use various techniques, deep breathing, relaxation, connecting exercises to help drop you into 'reality' to truly see, feel and experience the sensation in the body, senses and energy. There are seven main principles within Tantra to incorporate. These principles are Surrender, Awareness, Movement, Breath, Sound, Intention, and Acceptance.

Surrendering to pleasure, releasing control with confidence that you are acting out the wishes of the Divine/universal. It is by letting go we allow our views to be stretched, so that decisions based on habitual responses such as fear maybe changed, allowing growth. Surrender is also concerned with self appreciation, how incredible we truly are on all levels, rather than seeing surrender as a negative of renouncing something, it can allow new perspective.

Awareness and surrender go hand in hand; awareness allows us to awaken to every instant, being present in each moment to experience the vividness it has to offer. To develop inner trust to let go, knowing we are aware of the consequence of our actions.

Awareness of each movement allows elegance and ease, as movement in the body also moves the energy. Preventing energy escaping maintains a balance between rest and activities which are vital. Tantra see's rest as a way of storing energy and by moving you spread your energy around the whole body. It is not just on a physical level, but also on an emotional and spiritual level that movement and rest are vital, and the flow of movement across our whole being one important step in tantric massage.

When was the last time you were aware of your breathing? Breathing is one of the ways that we can nourish ourselves and take in that delicious universal energy; it is a fantastic way of connecting to what is happening within our own bodies, but also a great way of connecting with partners and allows us to go deeper. Each exhale surrender, each inhale awareness.

Vocalizing how we feel, and what we really want to say is tricky in modern society as such people suppress and inhibit themselves. Tantric massage seeks to allow a person to express how they are feeling vocally or verbally, in truth and without judgment.

Clarity of mind arises from surrendered consciousness to shift energy, renewed by breathing and triggered by sounding, uncovering the ecstasy in each moment. Intuition or innate knowing lets our true nature takes hold, the splendor inside begins to spill outside.

Acceptance says yes to all things. There is a freedom from disciple, seeing that all acts are divine, to let go of right or wrong, good or bad without criticism. You can use the keys for every aspect of life such as work, sex, health, love, communication. Tantra supports us in living a liberated, satisfied, and brilliant life and tantric massage fuses these elements together in a sublime and heartfelt way.

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