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Do you understand the chakras in your body? Our Chakras are subject to both physical and nonphysical forces present in our environment on a daily basis. The energy points located in the palm of our hands are called hand chakras. The chakras transmit life-sustaining energy into the body from the immediate environment, multidimensional and universal sources. Therefore, the chakras being in a balanced state of being help bring harmony to your entire being, supporting a truly holistic state of health. Bringing your chakras into balance will balance your life. Hand chakra centers or points can be very useful in healing work, and a lot of people learn about them when they are studying energy work such as Reiki. Center of the palm is an important energy center that is used in sensation, healing, and transmitting energy.

It is typically one of the easiest places to feel the energy. Hand chakra is small but very powerful. It is used to transmit and receive energy in many healing methods. The hand chakras are a center point in the palm of your hand that most energy work is completed through as a portal when working with healing sessions. For each of the 7 main chakras, there are crystal correspondences for each and every one of them. There are even ones for your minor chakras, but with your palm chakra, it can be a bit different. This is because you are always using your hands for not only your energy healing but also in everyday life when you may not even be thinking about it you may be activating your palm chakras. This is why this area is such a prone one to blockages and needs to be worked on as well.

You can feel the magnetic sensations by the open hand chakra. This is especially useful in energy healing and to feel blockages in other people that you want to heal.? The palm is a center for strong electromagnetic energies in the body.

Exercise to feel the hand chakras-

  • Do the exercise to see if you can feel the energy center in the middle of the palm.
  • Rub the palm of your hands for 20-30 minutes to create some friction and magnetic charge.
  • Place the palm together with moderate force, Then very slowly separate the palms from one another about 1 inch.
  • Remain utterly still in that position

You can feel the magnetic charge or heat. Now slowly move your palms closer together. Then you can feel a bit of resistance by doing this.

You can use simple clear quartz crystals to re-energize, heal, and remove blockages from this chakra. Hold one in each hand, and slowly turn them clock-wise over your palm chakras. Next make sure the tips of the clear quartz are pointing inward towards your palm chakra and relax for 15-20 minutes, allowing the chakra point to be healed by the crystal. Remember to cleanse your crystals after each and every session, as to not pass on an energetic debris buildup.

The chakras help us overcome illusion and discover the truth about ourselves, others, and all of life.

At AADI’s Tantra Studio, we have experts for Hand Chakra practices who knows and well versed to work on your palm to reactivate and refreshen them. Join us to understand and learn how Chakra practice works

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