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Tantra vs. Kamasutra

Tantra vs. Kamasutra

People are confused about the Tantra and its practice comparing to Kamasutra. And it is because Tantra is ambiguously defined by the different porn-sites who want to make money and thugs who never went to the real understandings of Tantra and realized the charm of devotees towards tantra. They took it as a money making profile and started to play as practitioners of Tantra.

And since Tantra involves bareness .. so they could not prevent himself/herself to indulge into the physical pleasures and then they found it is very easy to enjoy the flesh-pleasure on the name of Tantra. So.. they started to mingle the Kamasutra into Tantra and prepared a different recipe but they still call it tantra. The recipe, which is useless, sticky towards your negativeness, object-less and is harmful in a great amount.

Tantra is never to enjoy flesh-pleasure but experience the energy of your body. The energy which is left sleepen all of your past life. Energy which can be utilised against your Morals. Energy which can increase your intellectual-stamina. Energy which gives you ability to select the positive principles and empowers them. Tantra gives you a different (experience of) life. It makes life easier to understand, live and struggle. Tantra gives you ability to understand the physical word and its use.

In Tantra, you have to just stay calm and meditate to the touches of therapist(s). No efforts needed to care about the therapist, but Therapist is caressing you with her/his skills to explore the your spiritual journey. AND since you are always effortless you don't feel exhausted as you didn't lose your energy and the therapist filters its negativity and release that through your orgasm(s).

While..... Kamasutra is about the art of sexual pleasure only. It can explain you different positions and the ways of sexual satisfaction. This art is equally performed by each of the member. And each of the member always worried about whether my partner is enjoying it or not. And to ensure her/his experience they try positions explained in Kamasutra which are as difficult as the Yoga positions.

Hence you can expect to fulfil your fantasies with Kamasutra, but not the true relief and calmness in your life while Tantra relieves you from your stress depression and irregularities in your body. Kamasutra,.

Tantra is a healing process of your mental health and harmonal release points through touch therapy while Kamasutra is only to increase the pleasure and love

Tantra and Kamasutra are always different in its practice and outputs.

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