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Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing
What is chakra balancing?

People keep wandering in the whole world in search of happiness and peace. But, the truth is that it lies inside our body and soul which we never realize. The flow of energy takes place between our body and surrounding through different channels set on key points of the body. These key points are known as chakras. Keeping the chakras in balance is essential to maintaining physical, spiritual and emotional health. As the chakra spins, the energy is drawn inside our body and harnessed outside. These seven chakras of the human body are known for the ability to deliver an appropriate flow of energy in order to maintain a healthy and vibrant essence. Each chakra is responsible for different parts of the body, triggering different feelings. When our Chakra's are balanced, we feel better, behave better and do better for ourselves and those around us.
Here is a quick review of the 7 major Chakra energy centers and their locations. There are seven major chakras, aligned with the spine, stretching from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

  1. Crown - located just above the top of your head
  2. Third Eye - located in the center of your forehead just above the eyebrows
  3. Throat - located in the space where there is a small depression at the base of your neck
  4. Heart - located in the center of your upper chest between the breast bones
  5. Solar Plexus - located just above your navel
  6. Sacral - located just below your navel
  7. Root or Basic - located at the base of your spine
Why Chakra Balance is important?

A variation of your chakras means some chakra is over-active, and some are active. Most people do not understand that we are not alone, either as individuals or as human beings; open chakra is about energy vampires as the main means, whether it is that we can see otherwise, we do not see people attached to us and consume our energy, manipulate our thoughts and feelings, and trying to live through us. That is why the off or cover your chakras equally as important as open your chakras. So the main purpose of chakra balancing is to support the balanced flow that will sustain our overall energy level. That perfect balance between openness to outside energies, and keeping your own energy boundaries, is the goal of Chakra balancing. Each chakra is associated with particular mental and physical characteristics. By harnessing the power of a particular chakra, you can bring about the healing of your own body, mind or soul.

What does Chakra balancing do for you?

Ensuring that your chakras are in alignment allows you to achieve better physical, mental, and emotional condition. It lets the flow of energy through your body be smooth and sound. If you are dealing with certain spiritual or emotional concerns, putting your chakras back into balance can help you better cope with these challenges. For more contact us @ +91 9911335509.

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