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Actions We Are Taking Around Coronavirus Outbreak

Actions We Are Taking Around Coronavirus Outbreak

We are excited to let you know that we are gradually in-process to open our services across the country. We are following MHA guidance in terms of what locations we can restart.
Our practitioners are looking forward to providing treatments to help with your post-lockdown anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms which we suspect may have been exasperated over the many weeks of self-isolation. Don’t worry, we are, now, ready to help.
We also wanted to let you know that, while we were closed, we have been reviewing and enhancing our sanitation and in-studio procedures to ensure that our practitioners can treat you, in the safest environment.

All our new policies and procedures meet or exceed the standards described by national and international regulatory bodies such as MHA and WHO.

Here are the highlights of our enhanced procedures:

  1. Our Studio has been deep cleaned, sanitized, disinfected from floor to ceiling,
  2. We hired a professional service to apply the Germ shield in the studio. Germ shield inhibits the accumulation of virus and bacteria on surface ensuring utmost hygiene and protection against the fast-growing virus spread.
  3. We have implemented daily sanitation and disinfection procedures for all common surfaces, multiple times throughout the day
  4. We have limited our session to 2 sessions in a day only 1 in each studio (in every location we have two studios)
  5. Studios are fully sanitized, and all sheets are replaced, after each session.
  6. Our practitioners and team members have been staying in office premises and not traveling to anywhere.
  7. We are practicing physical distance in the common areas of the studio (hallways/staff room/reception).
  8. We are no longer accepting cash; so please be prepared to pay for your treatment using a debit card, credit card, and online payment portal
  9. We are working with reduced staff strength with 33% of total

We will also be pre-screening staff and clients, including a temperature check by the infrared thermometer, upon entry to the studio to make sure they do not feel unwell/have no symptoms of , Fever , Flu or COVID-19.

We are thankful government bodies have determined it is safe to open. With that said, if you are at all uncomfortable and want to know more about how we are keeping our team and you safe, please reach out to the studio. Our customer support team can personally answer any questions that you may have. We have also updated our FAQ with the latest questions we know are top of mind.
And, as always, it’s quite easy to book your next session; just click on the below button to reserve your spot time/day!

And, thank you so much for your patience while we were closed. Our team is looking forward to getting back to work; back to seeing their team members live versus on video conferences, back to helping clients, and back to a routine (even if it is a new one!).

Be well,
Aadi’s Tantra Studio.

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