चित्त साधना

INR 50000 (all inclusive)
for Gurgaon, Mumbai and Hyderabad Studio only

This is again two therapist level. Upto this level mind has been so mature to understand priorities and read them according to sequences.

Now, mind has only those thoughts which require priority action. But, for action, mind have to pass the order to respond. Now the response must be assessed. An un-assessed response will always turn the personality into a bad impression. A personality with a bad impression always leaves a person alone. No one wants to stay near to this kind of person. So, the response must be pure, unaffected, and full of positivity. Such responses are beautiful, attractive and respectful. No matter if a person is in the mode of denial. His denial shows a reasonable decision.

Hence, the practitioners, this time, provide more light and sensuous touches and push new kinds of energy packets. We can say these packets as boosters. These boosters help the mind to arrange the actions before passing the response. This process is called chittSadhana:.

Practitioner, by sending multiple energy packets through multiple touches to the mind, lets the mind to select the most sensuous touches to feel the deepest arousal. This arousal is nothing else but just a blood pressure change. Mind, receiving those touch information, learns to classify the most important thought in line and arrangement of actions to respond. While arranging the actions like- speaking, movement, expression etc mind also assesses the sequence of those actions and creates the response.

  • This session is completely based on tantra principals
  • All the sessions from us are performed for the treatment purposes only.
  • We all have certified professionals..
  • No vulger touchings allowed.
  • No illegal activities are allowed.
  • We never share Therapist pictures.
  • One day prior reservation is required.
Duration 120 Min
Therapist Cross
Breathing Exercise Included
Chakra Practice not included
Treatment for Male
  1. Nitin bhagwan Dhakare2021-09-07 01:22:28

    Very good experience

  2. Tushar Bansal2021-10-09 12:26:09

    Session ended in 60 minutes, instead of 90 minutes

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