उर्जा संचय:

INR 30000 (all inclusive)
for Gurgaon, Mumbai and Hyderabad Studio only

Up to this level, the body is prepared to receive the energy, and the mind is prepared to utilize the energy. Those levels are performed for the purpose to amend the whole machine (body and soul). Whatever efforts are done by the practitioner(s), remain for a particular period which is a maximum of 27 days.

Now it is required to store the positive energy. Positive energy is received from the practitioner and/or is received from a routine atmosphere. Practitioner, in this level, uses a career gel which is known as Seaweed Gel. This gel creates skin to be more strong to read sensational touches. Sensational touches are having more light touches like feathers and are full of more energy. As light touch as a blow of air can be compared with. This energy is absorbed by the skin and stored in the middle layer of the skin. This process is called urjaSanchaya:. This stored energy can last up to another 27 days before it is formed in a way to utilize it. This formation is done in the next episode. The Urja episodes ( 5 and 6) are too exhausting for the practitioners, hence it is advised: "not to be so amusive nor to be so serious". That is why without completing the previous each episodes this episode will not work at all.

  • This session is completely based on tantra principals
  • All the sessions from us are performed for the treatment purposes only.
  • We all have certified professionals..
  • No vulger touchings allowed.
  • No illegal activities are allowed.
  • We never share Therapist pictures.
  • One day prior reservation is required.
Duration 60 Min
Therapist Cross
Breathing Exercise not included
Chakra Practice not included
Treatment for Male
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