INR 25,000 (all inclusive)
for Gurgaon, Mumbai, Goa and Hyderabad Studio only
Trivial Tantra is the best way to understand the techniques of mental relaxation.

In this fast world, everyone is struggling to come up. Only few people are getting awarded but everyone facing the problems. Mostly men are struggling to get relieve from stress. Trivial Tantra give you opportunity to understand and experience the way of Tantra practice. Trivial Tantra is the best way to understand the techniques of mental relaxation. The purpose of Trivial is to introduce you with charm of positive energy. Feel our Practitioner?s sensual touch and get a refill of positive energy. Also remove blockages through this palpation. Only a right body temperature can create a relaxation. Experience a different energy which is produced during treatment without release.

Note: Since cell phones are strictly forbidden, please turn them in at the front desk. If the session isn't taking place at our center, turn off your phone and store it in a box or cabinet. The practitioner will end the session if your phone rings.

  • This session is completely based on tantra principals
  • All the sessions from us are performed for the treatment purposes only.
  • We all have certified professionals..
  • No vulger touchings allowed.
  • No illegal activities are allowed.
  • We never share Therapist pictures.
  • One day prior reservation is required.
Duration 60 Min
Therapist Cross
Breathing Exercise not included
Chakra Practice not included
Treatment for Male
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  2. Amazing Experience...

  3. Session was really good, it was my 1st time. i come back for sure. Emily is really great therapist.

  4. She was ultimate. You just cant imagine a session like this. I´m willing to avail again

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