INR 30,000 (all inclusive)
for Gurgaon, Mumbai, Goa and Hyderabad Studio only

RudanAvkash is ancient concept of releasing stress trauma and depression instantly through cry. It relaxes tension in brain muscles and tissues while releasing tears. It also releases negative energy through cry sound.

In our ancient culture, most of rich people had arranged a place in their premises was called KopBhawan (The Sulking Chamber). This chamber was used for various solutions like self-relaxation, expression of complain, Ekantwasa etc.

We, being a person, suffer a lot, hoarding all the feeling in our heart, knowing that we will have time someday to engrave back and meet again these feelings. Meet and justify how I handled it and how should managed to handle it. That was a painful time but I had to control and manage the situation. I turned myself hard and decided to take care first others. And that hardness turned me a stone now. A Stone, who has feelings, who cares for others. But not finding a sigh of relief even for a moment. If I get a chance to express my pain,I will weep, I will cry. I will complain. And I will get rejuvenated.

Here at AAdi Studio, we now offer and present the same concept of self healing with a chance to get relived from deep trauma and depression.

Note: Since cell phones are strictly forbidden, please turn them in at the front desk. If the session isn't taking place at our center, turn off your phone and store it in a box or cabinet. The practitioner will end the session if your phone rings.

  • This session is completely based on tantra principals
  • All the sessions from us are performed for the treatment purposes only.
  • We all have certified professionals..
  • No vulger touchings allowed.
  • No illegal activities are allowed.
  • We never share Therapist pictures.
  • One day prior reservation is required.
Duration 60 Min
Therapist Cross/Same
Breathing Exercise Not-Included
Chakra Practice Not-Included
Treatment for Unisex
  1. Really it's amazing......great Therapy. After my first session I reached a point where the relaxation filled my whole body. I was far away... In a place of no pain!
    And the second session was the deepest I have ever experienced. After this 'Yoni Healing Massage' treatment, I have been pain free ever since.

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  3. As alway massage was excellent....................therapist Ruhi had a very positive attitude which left you with a great positive energetic vibe at the end of session. i thank her for that.

  4. Emily is a perfectionist.
    True art in practice here.

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